Richard From Kalahari Meerkat Sancuary

Richard Rasa-Phillips

Richard is the director of Kalahari-Trails after taking over from his late mother, Prof Anne Rasa. He intends to create a team that can continue his mother’s legacy and create a Kalahari world where people can learn, enjoy and relax all at the same time. 

Mareli from Kalahari Trials Meerkat Sanctuary

Mareli Van Der Berg

I, Mareli van der Berg, come from Cullinan a small mine ‘dorpie’ (town) just outside Pretoria. After working in a few different industries, I embarked on a career in Guiding. Once completing my FGASA Level 1 through Limpopo Field-Guiding Academy, I had a two months’ internship at Kalahari Trails Meerkat Sanctuary, where I fell in love with the place and the meerkats. When the offer came to work at Kalahari Trails full time, I  grabbed this opportunity and became the Guide of Kalahari Trails.

I have been working here since July 2020 and was last person that Prof Anne Rasa taught on a one-to-one basis before she passed away.  With this invaluable knowledge, and the Prof’s ideology, I have been showing our guests, the beauty and magic of the Kalahari Desert from history, plants and tracks, from venomous scorpions to meerkats…especially the meerkats.

I like to provide people with a new perspective on the Kalahari, when I explain and show them the wonders of the dunes, I realise that there is still so much to learn. I have never stopped studying and even though I have just done my FGASA Level 3, I feel there is still so much more for me to discover.

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