Tours and Activities – Explore the wonderful Kalahari!

All guests can walk freely through the Nature Reserve. We provide a map with clearly marked roads and landmarks for orientation. Before leaving, guests are asked to inform the management as to the direction in which they are going and approximate time of return. We strongly advise visitors to take good sun blocker, hat and at least one liter of water with them.

Guided Walks (Tours with an expert biologist or tracker)

On these tours (2-3 hours) you are accompanied by an expert biologist and our family of meerkats. You will learn about the geology of the area as well as the animals and plants of the Kalahari dunes and the guide will interpret the tracks of those that have been active during the night. The tour begins approximately 1 hour after sunrise. This is an experience not to be missed – an introduction to the dune life from the insects to the large mammals, including the tracks of many that are rarely seen because they are not active during the daytime. This popular tour will open the visitor`s eyes to the amazing variety of creatures that call the seemingly “barren” dunes their home.


guided walk 1 guided walk 2 guided walk 3 tours-guided-walks

Recommended: Sun blocker, hat, water, camera.

Cost: R 150 per person (minimum 2 persons).

Explorer night walks

Kalahari Trails is the only place in the Kalahari desert where you can take a walk at night with an expert biologist who will tell you about the night-active animals, what they are and their amazing adaptations to life in this arid climate. At night, the Kalahari comes alive! These tours are only offered during the warmer months (October – April), when the small creatures are active.

Night Walk Night Walk 1

From October to May only.

Tour lasts approximately 2 hours.

Recommended: Torch (can be provided), 1 liter of water and during the cooler months, a sweater.

Cost: R 150 per person (minimum 2 persons).

Daytime Dune game drive with Tracking walks.

Come game spotting over our adventurous dune roads with a zoologist and try to spot as many of the bird and mammal species present on the Reserve as you can! Learn about the lives of the of the different species that you see. Track the game on foot across the dunes at any point along the route or stop anywhere to take a closer look at things of interest. This is the way to really get to know the Kalahari Duineveldt. The tour lasts 2-3 hours, depending on how many stops are made.

Daytime Dune game drive with Tracking walks Gamedrive Gamedrive 1 mammals-1

Recommended: Sun blocker, hat, at least 1 liter of water, binoculars, camera.

Cost: R 200 per person (minimum 2 persons).

Spotlighted Night Drives

This tour begins shortly after sundown and visitors are driven through the reserve to see the rarely sighted nocturnal animals and are provided with hand-held spotlights to look at them clearly. It lasts approximately 2 hours and is only offered from October 1st to May 1st. A windbreaker or jacket should be taken along as well as good binoculars.

Night drives - Springhare night drive M2E1L0-20R350B300 Night drives 1

Night drives aardvark

From October to May only.

Recommended: Warm clothing, binoculars, 1 liter water.

Cost: R 250 per person (minimum 2 persons).


Watch the sunset from a remote dune after a game drive followed by a night drive.

Visitors leave the guesthouse about 1.5 hours before sunset and guests can choose their drinks beforehand, which will be packed in a cool box for the drive. After a game drive through the Reserve, we stop on a high dune where, while enjoying their drinks, guests can watch the glorious sunset. The silence is only broken by the calls of the barking geckos and the evening songs of the dune birds. Once darkness has fallen, the tour continues with a spotlighted night drive home to see the nocturnal animals. This trip is “Kalahari Pure” and should not be missed! The entire tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

gnus mammals-1 Sundowner Sunset after storm - Sundowner

night drive Night drives

From 1st September – 1st May only.

Recommended: Warm clothing, binoculars, camera.

Cost: R 300 per person (minimum 2 persons) Drinks not included.

R50 surcharge for non-residents at Kalahari Trails, discount for groups of six or more, children under six free.