Kalahari Trails, better known as the Meerkat sanctuary, is home to one of the Kalahari’s best-known animals, suricates.  Kalahari Trails Meerkat Sanctuary is 3500ha in size, nestled right in the heart of the red Kalahari dune fields, just 35km before the entrance to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP).  This unique piece of heaven offers visitor experiences where you can get closer to nature and possibly interact with the Meerkats like no other place in the Kalahari. This unique experience provides visitors with a chance to walk the dunes and learn more about all the critters great and small that would be otherwise unseen, if you were traveling in a car or game drive vehicle. The dunes create miles of limitless beauty where the sky meets the sand and beyond. 

This unique landscape is home to various game species as well as over 250 species of birds, but its all the small creatures that make this part of the desert so unique. This piece of land is vast, safe and quiet, offering the photographers, birders, botanists, nature lovers, astronomers and just about anyone wanting an interesting, informative and peaceful getaway close to nature, an unforgettable and unique experience.

Kalahari Trails offers a both day visitors and overnight visitors the chance to visit our rehabilitated colonies. Many of these meerkats are ‘misfits’- animals confiscated for cruelty, orphans and unwanted pets – which, now rehabilitated, have formed their own family group. 

They roam freely about the lodge grounds, breeding and living a natural life. Photographers will be delighted at the photographic opportunities they offer.

Kalahari Trails offers a wide range of accommodation at reasonable prices. The main guesthouse commands impressive views of the Nossob riverbed and the dune fields stretching to the horizon. It has a large verandah (stoep) where guests can sit in comfort and visitors are welcome to use the barbecue (braai) facilities. 

Visit us at Kalahari Trails to learn more about the magnificent Kalahari and its animals on our guided walks and tours.



Stayed for just 1 night in the main house on comfortable beds, with all the necessary facilities. Shared kitchen well equipped and drinking water provided.
The stars were, of course, the Meerkats, along with Marli’s warmth, good humour, friendly nature and the wealth of info she shared with us.
Being up close and stroking, and then feeding Spike, was just THE most amazing experience. I only wish we could have stayed longer for the walk with them the next day, but sadly we needed to get back to Cape Town.

I told Richard, there is something about this place, it is a presence that you can feel. Something extraordinary special. His answer. It is magic, sometimes I get a glimpse of it, my mother has found it. The secret of the Kalahari. . Will you find it? Maybe you need to go and see. Then the Meerkats, each one with its own personality, the interaction with them will stay with you forever. The guesthouse is a great opportunity to meet new friends. Beautiful campsites, some with its own ablution block. Then the tree camp for the more adventurous travellers. Next time I will take a big group to experience this life-changing environment. A must-see.

Dorothy S

We arrived very late having originally booked in for camping, but decided that fixed accommodation was probably a better idea. I’m glad we did as the rains were very heavy that night! We were greeted very promptly and given a choice of rooms. We stayed in the one at the end with double bed and bath. Honestly the rooms do need a bit of tlc, but we definitely weren’t complaining as the price was extremely reasonable and the rooms were clean and comfortable. Our friends stayed in one of the other rooms with shared bathroom. Again, clean and comfortable. There is a shared kitchen with all of the usual amenities, although we didn’t stay long enough to use them. Plus a small shop selling a few basics (beer included!). We did manage to see the meerkats the following morning which was very special and I would have loved to have stayed longer to explore. This is a good place to stay if you are pushing on from Upington and want to be at the park gates first thing in the morning.

There were loads of scorpions when we were there, so wear shoes.

We felt extremely welcome here and would like to return and spend a bit longer to do one of the nature trails. Thank you for a lovely stay.


We loved staying at Kalahari trails. We actually cancelled bookings in Kgalagadi to stay there a bit longer. We camped at the new campsites, which was amazing. The campsites are not too close to each other so you get that feeling of remoteness and only hear the sounds of nature and not your neighbours conversations. Each campsite has its own ablutions which is a great idea. Richard and Mareli was gracious hosts and with the interaction with there Meerkats, made it a stay to remember. What an awesome place.

Juan de Wet